Organic Cotton

Why To Choose Organic Cotton

When it comes to the fiber world, cotton is one of the most popular materials. It is the material that makes up 50% of the world’s fiber needs. Most of the items that we use today are usually made by using this material. These include bed sheets, pillow cases, mattress, blankets, diapers and even our daily clothes. However, it comes with its own advantages and disadvantage in the majority of what is in the market today is grown using a huge amount of toxic chemicals.

Fields of Organic Cotton

In order to grow cotton using the conventional method, it requires a huge amounts of pesticides and it has a big impact on the environment and it can also potentially cause some health risks for workers who work in the farms. The use of water is another concern when it comes to the conventional production. These crops usually use some intensive irrigation method and there are some estimates that suggest. Organic cotton uses the huge amount of water as compared to the other crops. The conventional cotton may be cheaper than organic. However, the use of organic is the right option for your well being as well as for the farmer and the environment.

Organic Cotton Definition

Organic cotton is generally understood as pure, natural, soft, it is called organic because it is grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. China is the largest producer of the organic cotton followed by India and US. But in many countries around the world, cotton is still hand picked.

Organic Cotton Pillowcases

There are many benefits that comes when you use organic. At the top of these, benefit to the environment is best. Farmers who grow the organic cotton have a better working environment. They are also able to save some money as they do not have to buy huge amounts of pesticides. There are also some benefits to consumers as well, products such as organic cotton pillowcases, bed sheets, bath robes, socks, underwear, bras, diapers, baby clothes, baby blankets, etc. Because these tend to be softer and are beneficial for the skin. In the recent past, awareness of organic cotton has been increased due to its benefits and because of the huge demand. To buy the products made up of pure organic cotton visit SOL.

Cotton Crib Sheets For Baby

How To Choose Crib Sheets For Your Baby

Crib sheets that are comfortable are a key requirement for a young baby. This is especially the case as these can mean the difference between your baby sleeping well throughout the night or being restless. However, with a wide range of styles and types of sheet, it can be a difficult decision to choose that perfect crib sheet for the baby. The good crib sheets should be warm, comfortable and safe.

Cotton Plain Crib Sheets

Many people think that their baby’s bed should be made in the same way that they make their own bed. However, this is not the case. A big difference will be on what you put in it. You have to do away with several details in the baby’s crib such as the pillow, top sheets, quilts and such. All what is necessary is the basics such as the crib mattress and a solid crib. On top of this, you need to find some good baby sheets. Putting other things in the crib can result suffocation to the baby and can increase the baby’s risk of SIDS.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make the crib look nice. There are so many choices out there when searching for safe, comfortable and cute crib sheets.

Cotton crib sheets

Plain Bedding Sheet Sets

When it comes to making the baby’s crib, cotton sheets are the standard. It is possible to get some quality and decent sheets. The good thing with choosing pure cotton is that it is breathable, soft and safe. It is able to keep the baby cool during the warmer month and warm during the cooler months. If your baby is suffering from skin irritations and allergies, you will be happy to know that pure cotton is hypoallergenic and is also softest among the various types of sheet that are available. It last for a long period of time and it is not difficult to wash. Another proof cotton is that it doesn’t easily attract links and this means that it is easy to clean and looks nice.

Plain Cotton Sheets

A good idea would be to choose plain cotton sheet sets that are made using organic cotton. Organic cotton has an advantage in that it is grown without using fertilizers or toxic pesticides. The methods used include insect releases, alfalfa strip cutting and use of new machinery for the purpose of weeding to reduce the environmental impact on the cotton crops. There are some third party bodies that are tasked with ensuring that the cotton farms do not use the toxic chemicals. If you are searching for a full set of cotton bedding, you should get in touch with SOL.