Increase your warmth with cotton Flannel Sheets

Prominent magazines emphasize the universality of cotton flannel sheets all around the globe. There are reasons why flannel sheets are the choice of businessmen, general workers, musicians, celebrities and so on. The sheets carry us from one climate to the next and from seasons to seasons. Flannel will keep you warm in winter, but it’s never bulky; the most perfect for layering. During summer and spring, it is the best armor to carry in cases of cold environments and chilly offices. They are by far the thickest, softest and nicest sheets you would ever buy.

During the cold winter nights, no other bedding material can beat flannel for warmth. The finest flannel sheets have a quality of softness and comfort; they also stay fit even after being washed repeatedly. Ordinarily, not unless you prefer to keep warmth throughout, organic cotton flannel sheets are the most appropriate during winter.


The experts and owners of these sheets find them extremely comfortable and so attractive; more especially, the interwoven, groomed sheets are considerable enough in keeping the cold away. Most people say that these sheets are resistant to shrinking, wrinkling and fading after a couple of washings. However, only a few owners report shedding in the process of washing. If you own flannel sheets, you can ascertain the fact that warm- up time is not necessary before you fall asleep. How cozy!

Mostly, the sheets come in a set, two pillowcases with them, a fitted and a flat sheet. The wide pocket of the fitted sheet can fit up to a large mattress of say eighteen inches. They also come in many colors, bright and muted, and also available in king and queen sizes.

The durability of these sheets cannot be revoked. There are no cases of shrinkage and the fitted sheet is elastic enough to hold up without overmuch extension. This is a guarantee for a lifetime satisfaction.

organic cotton linen sheets

Cotton flannel sheets are porous, comfy and breathable. So if you happen to be sweaty all night, don’t worry, the material is absorbent. Unlike other fabrics, cotton flannel sheets will absorb your sweat and let it to evaporate, like a towel does. This discourages bacteria and yeast growth when the moisture is wiped from your skin. Actually, it is this quality that makes it the best fabric for sleepwear.

We should all be grateful for their invention. We don’t have to struggle outside in the misty fog or rely on firewood to keep warmth to our houses. The gratification of the flannel sheets is meant to cheer us up and bring sunshine to us.

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