Finding Sound Sleep On Pillows, Made Of Organic Cotton

The conventional cotton contains more chemicals than any other plant grown on Earth. The chemicals are not only lethal to farmers, but also to the buyers of cotton products; they affect the entire ecosystem of living things. Going organic is a way of taking care of the environmental, health, social, and ethical responsibilities. Organic cotton pillow cases are products of the natural cotton and they are so beautiful and it feels great to sleep on them.


Merits of sleeping on organic cotton pillow cases

  • They are toxin-fee, non-perfumed and free of pesticides residues.
  • Are extremely cozy and comfortable.
  • They promote body purity because they are healthy.
  • Natural color and luxurious.
  • They are porous hence breathable.
  • Cools the body during hot nights.
  • They do not slip away from the bed during sleep.
  • Eco-friendliness.
  • Encourages sound sleep.
  • Have hypoallergenic qualities.

Various forms of organic cotton pillow cases for sleep comfort
A bed and a pillow are two inseparable bedroom components and there are different types of pillows that suit various sleeping needs. We all have our unique sleeping habits; some of us are stomach sleepers, side sleepers back sleepers, etc.

Body pillow
This is an oversized pillow that the whole body as someone sleeps. Unlike the normal head pillow, a body pillow will not swerve in the bed because the whole body is placed on it. It is a good pillow that supports the back and you can even sit against it. It enables the body to remain in place while at the same time holding the neck in the correct position of sleep. A body pillow is a great support for pregnant women as it can adjust to the changes of the woman’s tummy. They may be hard to find but generally speaking, they are indomitable. A precaution that should be taken is not to wash the pillow too many times so as to keep it in shape.

Related image

Contour pillow
It is a kind of pillow that best serves the side sleepers. It is back-supportive and its mid-section curves downwards for maximum head Image result for Contour pillowconformity. It reinforces the neck and enhances the right sleeping posture. A big advantage of this type of pillow is that it recedes snoring for those with this kind of condition because the neck and the head are aligned for optimal breathing. However, if you are a stomach sleeper, consider other pillow shapes, not this one.


Down pillow
A down pillow is so soft and is particularly common with stomach sleepers. It cushions the body and is breathable hence providing a cool sleeping environment. The durability of the pillow cannot be underestimated. It is also very light making it washable. For better maintenance a down pillow needs to be fluffed and shaken constantly.

Image result for Down pillow

Slim sleeper pillow
This is one of the best pillows for stomach sleepers. Sleeping on the stomach needs a support that does not elevate the head too much. This slim cushiony material keeps the spine straight as well as holds cradles the head at Image result for Slim sleeper pillow.a perfect angle for stomach sleeping.     A thick pillow can lead to backaches no matter what the sleeping position is; and that is why some people feel so miserable in the morning after lying on a thick pillow all night long. To prevent shoulders tension and neck pains after sleep, a slim pillow should be used. A slim cotton pillow is totally washable and long lasting.

Pancake Pillow
It suits all types of sleepers. It has some adjustable layers that can be customized for any sleep position. The mid-section of this pillow is composed of six soft cotton parts that are removable. The pillow comes with a storage bag that is used to hold the inner pillow layers that may not be used in a sleep night.

Image result for cotton Pancake Pillow

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