What Happens When You Don’t Wash Bed Sheets Regularly

Did you know that the correct frequency of washing bed sheets is once per week? It sounds too much but when you think about your health, it’s worth it. You can avoid disgusting things like sneezing, dead skin, ad body oil by doing regular cleaning of bed sheets. The other important thing to take care of is the washing method. Organic cotton sheets for instance require lukewarm water for cleaning ad moderate ironing temperatures. It is of utmost importance that you read the user’s manual before working on bed sheets. This is what will happen between your sheets if you fail to clean them regularly.

  • Bacteria
    Bacterial can come from various substances like sweat and beauty products. Some people also have a habit of eating in the bedroom and they end up leaving some leftovers which stick on the sheets. Sweat contains Escherichia coli and when left on bed for sometimes, the bacteria will reproduce. Bacteria can cause serious health problems like skin breakouts and other infections. Ensure that you disinfect your sheets whenever you wash them to keep off bacteria.Image result for Bacteria on bed sheets
  • Animal Diseases
    If you have pets at home and love them so much that you let them on your bed, then you are at a higher risk of getting allergies and other nasty infections. Dogs for instance like to burrow beneath comforters and they reach the bed sheets with their paws. Animals can transfer fleas and worms to the bed sheets, so, if you cannot keep your pets out of your bedroom, consider washing your sheets more often.

Image result for Bacteria on bed sheets

  • Dust Mites and other critters
    Dust mites are nasty and the scariest thing about them is that they feed on human skin. If your skin gets damaged, it becomes prone to infections. Other critters are attracted by food remnants which are left on the bed. Cookies, snacks, and chips are good examples of baits for small critters like bedbugs, ants, and lice. Avoid a bed of terror by washing your sheets often.Image result for Dust Mites and other critters on bed sheets
  • Mold
    Mold is caused by dampness. It is that ashy stick that covers your bedding when things get wet. If you breathe in air containing mold, you are at a high risk of contracting respiratory diseases like pneumonia and asthma. Mold can cause skin lesions and toenails crumble.Image result for Mold on bed sheets

It goes without saying that cleaning your sheets every week is as important as eating a balanced diet. We spend a lot of time washing other things like clothes, dishes, furniture, and floor. Why should we neglect our bed sheets? If you don’t want your sleeping environment to become a terrific science experiment, maintain sheet hygiene.

Contentment of Best Pillows

It is admitted pillows by using best pillows, we can have a good sleep and its contribution towards bringing us a tranquil sleep which is most important for one’s health. What are the pangs of sleeplessness can only be experienced by that person who suffers from it. But all pillows do not have the same functions as others have. There are different types of pillows small for babies, medium for children and big ones are specially meant for the adult ones. Pillows can be used in various ways. Generally keeping under the head just besides the shoulder is one form of using it. Bolster or long pillows are generally used by person’s who sleep in curved position, placing the pillows in between the thighs or sometimes in straight position the legs are placed on the long pillows. These are the ways they are being are used for having a sense of comfortability while one goes to sleep. It helps bringing a pleasant and sound sleep due to the soft feelings of the best pillows. Now the question is, what are the traits of being a best pillow and at the same time how the best ones can be made of?


It is known to all that organic cotton pillow cases, which produces the very ingredient of the best pillows, is best. And it is free from any sort of chemical exposers and free from all contaminations. If these are not made from organic cotton then there is chance of being affected by any of the diseases like various sorts of lethal diseases like Cancer because the chemical present in in organic cotton comes in contact with the skin of the user. So we need to be so much vigilant regarding the using of the best pillows that are made organically without any admixture of harmful chemical components like chemicals that are used in pesticides.

There are another kind of pillows that are used occasionally. It is a sort of pillows, used by filling up the air into the normal pillows and air are inserted to it, it becomes swollen up and becomes ready to use. When air is released by lifting the cork placed in corner of a pillow, then it reverse back to former position. Due to the faulty placement of the pillows, the person suffers like headache, moving of head and a sort of sleeplessness. The person should know best how his pillows should be placed while he/ she is going to use it for sleeping

A buyer’s guide to organic sheet


When buying organic cotton linen bed sheets, many people think that the hand feel and thread count is all that matters. However, if your goal is to have a healthy bed that is free of toxins, it is important to understand the material that makes the sheet and their processing. Here are factors that you will need to consider when shopping for a alternative that are healthier as compared to the conventional sheets.


Organic Cotton Pillowcases

The new sheet label will inform us of the fiber content, care instruction and the fiber. The unfortunate thing is that manufacturers are under no obligations to list the chemicals that they use in the manufacturing process. This is despite the fact that there are various chemicals that are used to process the yarn conventionally and ensure that the fabric is properly finished. These are the issues that are raising a lot of concerns from doctors, scientists and the public as a whole due to the adverse effects and toxicity on our health.

There are several ways that you can minimize your exposure to chemicals:

  • Avoid cotton sheets that are labeled as Easy Care, Permanent Press and Easy Care. These labels shows that the fabrics are treated with formaldehyde resin, a chemical that is among the toxic when it comes to the finish of a fabric
  • Avoid sheets that are made of synthetic fiber. Polyester is a kind of plastic that is created using some intensive chemical processes.

Natural fiber

Fields of Organic Cotton

A good idea would be to choose sheets that consist of natural fibers that are 100%. These include the organic cotton linen sheet. These breathe, wick moisture and are usually soothing to touch. The fibers are also the healthiest options as they are usually chemical-free.

Comfortable weave

Most weaves are used in the manufacture of most sheets, whether they are conventionally made or organic. These are:

  • Percale. A smooth and crisp sheet that usually feels cool when against your skin. This is a good choice for summer weather and warm sleepers
  • Jersey. This is a sheet that is buttery soft and has a subtle luster as well as a warmer feeling as compared to percale
  • Flannel. This has been created with a fuzzy surface on both sides of the fabric and this makes it to be the warmest and coziest sheet
  • Jacquard. This is the sheet fabric that is the most opulent as it is woven with an all-over design and vary from the front to the back to give it that weighty and luxurious drape.
Organic Cotton

Why To Choose Organic Cotton

When it comes to the fiber world, cotton is one of the most popular materials. It is the material that makes up 50% of the world’s fiber needs. Most of the items that we use today are usually made by using this material. These include bed sheets, pillow cases, mattress, blankets, diapers and even our daily clothes. However, it comes with its own advantages and disadvantage in the majority of what is in the market today is grown using a huge amount of toxic chemicals.

Fields of Organic Cotton

In order to grow cotton using the conventional method, it requires a huge amounts of pesticides and it has a big impact on the environment and it can also potentially cause some health risks for workers who work in the farms. The use of water is another concern when it comes to the conventional production. These crops usually use some intensive irrigation method and there are some estimates that suggest. Organic cotton uses the huge amount of water as compared to the other crops. The conventional cotton may be cheaper than organic. However, the use of organic is the right option for your well being as well as for the farmer and the environment.

Organic Cotton Definition

Organic cotton is generally understood as pure, natural, soft, it is called organic because it is grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. China is the largest producer of the organic cotton followed by India and US. But in many countries around the world, cotton is still hand picked.

Organic Cotton Pillowcases

There are many benefits that comes when you use organic. At the top of these, benefit to the environment is best. Farmers who grow the organic cotton have a better working environment. They are also able to save some money as they do not have to buy huge amounts of pesticides. There are also some benefits to consumers as well, products such as organic cotton pillowcases, bed sheets, bath robes, socks, underwear, bras, diapers, baby clothes, baby blankets, etc. Because these tend to be softer and are beneficial for the skin. In the recent past, awareness of organic cotton has been increased due to its benefits and because of the huge demand. To buy the products made up of pure organic cotton visit SOL.

Cotton Crib Sheets For Baby

How To Choose Crib Sheets For Your Baby

Crib sheets that are comfortable are a key requirement for a young baby. This is especially the case as these can mean the difference between your baby sleeping well throughout the night or being restless. However, with a wide range of styles and types of sheet, it can be a difficult decision to choose that perfect crib sheet for the baby. The good crib sheets should be warm, comfortable and safe.

Cotton Plain Crib Sheets

Many people think that their baby’s bed should be made in the same way that they make their own bed. However, this is not the case. A big difference will be on what you put in it. You have to do away with several details in the baby’s crib such as the pillow, top sheets, quilts and such. All what is necessary is the basics such as the crib mattress and a solid crib. On top of this, you need to find some good baby sheets. Putting other things in the crib can result suffocation to the baby and can increase the baby’s risk of SIDS.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make the crib look nice. There are so many choices out there when searching for safe, comfortable and cute crib sheets.

Cotton crib sheets

Plain Bedding Sheet Sets

When it comes to making the baby’s crib, cotton sheets are the standard. It is possible to get some quality and decent sheets. The good thing with choosing pure cotton is that it is breathable, soft and safe. It is able to keep the baby cool during the warmer month and warm during the cooler months. If your baby is suffering from skin irritations and allergies, you will be happy to know that pure cotton is hypoallergenic and is also softest among the various types of sheet that are available. It last for a long period of time and it is not difficult to wash. Another proof cotton is that it doesn’t easily attract links and this means that it is easy to clean and looks nice.

Plain Cotton Sheets

A good idea would be to choose plain cotton sheet sets that are made using organic cotton. Organic cotton has an advantage in that it is grown without using fertilizers or toxic pesticides. The methods used include insect releases, alfalfa strip cutting and use of new machinery for the purpose of weeding to reduce the environmental impact on the cotton crops. There are some third party bodies that are tasked with ensuring that the cotton farms do not use the toxic chemicals. If you are searching for a full set of cotton bedding, you should get in touch with SOL.

organic cotton linen sheets

Factors To Consider While Purchasing Organic Cotton Linen Sheets

Bed always achieves a super cool outlook when the mattress have been spread by organic cotton linen bed sheets. This is contrary to other spreadsheets that only last for a short period of time. Before you can choose your best brand, consider the following factors.


organic cotton linen sheetsDespite the fact that you might get different business people selling the same type of bed sheets you should consider confirming the quality. There are some untrustworthy people who sell fake brands to their clients and therefore, they only use them for a short period of time before they have to purchase another. A durable sheet is most preferred and if you find out that what has been sold to you does not meet your standards, you can simply take it back and get back your money as well.


organic cotton linen sheetsPrice of the cotton bed sheet depends upon the size, those are king, queen and full. It is possible to access cotton bed sheets online from various marketing sites. Therefore, what you need to focus on is whether the quoted price is affordable for you and it is according to the size and quality of the bed sheet or not.

Colour and design

It is true that not every person can have the same taste of colour. Therefore, it varies from person to person. You should have to be sure about the colour patterns and designs on organic cotton linen bed sheets, it must be impressive and suits to your requirements. Visit our website & you will find a vast range of sheets in terms of colour, size & design at Solorganix.

Advantages of Organic Flannel Sheets

Organic flannel sheets are cotton made sheets that is not grown under the usage of pesticides, herbicides or chemically manufactured fertilizers. However, natural pesticides are used. The name organic simply means that the harvest is smaller hence expensive. Flannel is the softest fabric material of cotton and wool. It is priced from the warmth that depends on its thickness and its soft touch. Baby Sleeping on Cotton SheetsMany people prefer the use of organic flannel sheets for babies or children or any other organic product.

Finding crib sheets in the market made up of organic flannel or weaves from other fabrics and they tend to be much cheaper in price because they are smaller than other sheets. Manufactures however, warn that the sheets are not equal and the most desirable are not all made organically. Treatment of some is for the purpose of reducing wrinkles and therefore those concerned should research about the manufacturing companies.

Cotton is used to make fabrics that make our bed sheets. However, there are many types of cotton used to make the fabrics, that is, conventional and organic cotton whose difference starts from their plantation. Organic cotton threads are softer since the threads are not broken or damaged by chemicals unlike the conventional cotton, hence worth paying expensively for organic cotton sheets than conventional bed sheets since the sheets are usually naturally soft.

People are getting to like the organic bedding sheets as they protect the environment and are harmless to people. The organic cotton bedding are safer to use as they have reduced exposure to harmful chemicals in the third of our bad days. Farmer with Organic CottonSOL organic sheets are made up of organic cotton and are available online at king and queen size at affordable prices.

Restful nights with organic cotton pillow cases

Organic Cotton Pillow CasesThere are few things that are most important for having a peaceful and restful night. To attain this, the kind of pillow you use is a key. Having a pillow that will support and pamper your neck in just the right way is important. However, having the pillow is not all you require, having a perfect pillowcase is important too. Organic cotton pillowcases are the best choice for you to get peaceful and restful nights.

When it comes to buying pillowcases, the type of cotton used is worth paying attention to. If you pick synthetic or conventional cotton, this might expose harmful chemicals, especially when you are sleeping on them. However, with organic cotton pillow cases, you do not need to worry about this at all. SOL pillow cases come in various colours and therefore you have an opportunity of choosing your favourite colour. The material in which they are made of is so light and it can be cleaned with minimal effort.

Organic Cotton Pillow Cases of your ChoiceSince pillows come in different size, it is good to have a pillowcase that is fit for a particular pillow. With organic pillow cases, you will definitely get the size that you prefer because they come in various sizes. All you need to know is the size of your pillowcase & then select the colour that you like, then you can purchase the organic cotton pillow cases of your choice.

Pillowcases also made from fabric material which is toxin free. This ensures that you have a restful night with no disturbances at all. With them under your neck, you will not experience cases of wheezing or coughing, all you will enjoy is that sweet sound sleep.

For more of this, you can get in touch with SOL and you can get one of the best organic cotton pillow cases in the market.

Not All Cotton is Created Equal

We want to give you ‘the dirt’ on cotton. Yes, the pun was absolutely intended. Traditional cotton uses an incredibly high amount of pesticides and insecticides. These are known to have detrimental health effects. Studies have linked pesticides to higher risks of cancer, learning disabilities, and birth defects. They also are damaging to the planet with the industry having a huge carbon footprint.

But let’s get a little more specific. What is the real difference in cotton and why should we be concerned?

Climate Change

When a company produces fabric, the energy used to manufacture the product emits CO2.North Rhine-Westphalia, GermanyIn fact, the U.S. Energy Information Administration informs us that the textile industry is the 5th largest contributor to CO2 emissions in the US. This produces greenhouse gasses, which destroy the ozone layer which has a profound environmental impact.

The following chart highlights the difference between fabrics and their CO2 emissions:

KG Of CO2 Emissions per Ton of Spun Fiber

KG of CO2 Fiber
Polyester (USA) 9.52
Cotton Conventional (USA) 5.90
Hemp Conventional 4.05
Cotton Organic (India) 3.80

Conventional Cotton Farming uses mechanized irrigation, synthetic weed control, pesticides, and fertilizers. Producing one ton of synthetic fertilizer emits nearly 7 tons of CO2 gasses.

Organic Cotton Farming practices use rain-fed irrigation, natural weed control, natural pesticides, and natural fertilizers.SolarganixWith global average temperatures increasing, we need to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by making the conscious effort to purchase products that heal our environment instead of pollute it.

Water Consumption

Traditional cotton farming is unsustainable because of the large inputs of water, which responsible for the destruction of ecosystems including several River Basins.

Conventional Cotton uses 25% of the world’s pesticides and herbicides. The run-off affects the water supply of every cotton farming community. Farming also uses mechanized irrigation that can use up to 2200 gallons of water to product a single T-shirt and pair of jeans.

Organic Cotton uses natural pest and weed control, which limits the effect on the water supply and farms in India predominately use rain fed irrigation.

Food Source

Perhaps the most dangerous effect that conventional cotton has comes in the form of our food supply.

Two thirds of cotton harvested is composed of cotton seed, which is separated into oil, meal, and hulls. Cotton seed oil is used heavily in cooking oil, shortening and salad dressing, as well as in preparation of crackers, cookies, and chips.Cottonseed Oil BenefitsMeal and hulls are also used as feed for livestock, poultry, and fish.

Conventional Cotton uses chemicals that are banned for use in food crops (including Aldicarb, a pesticide which can kill humans if absorbed through the skin). The result is contamination in animal products such as meat, milk, eggs, and more. Conventional cotton seed oil may be highly contaminated and is commonly mixed with other oils (such as olive oil) to reduce costs.

Organic Cotton uses natural weed control and pest control. It doesn’t have the devastating effects on the food supply as traditional cotton production.

How You Can Help

While an organic and traditional bed sheet may have the same yarn type, thread count, weave, and may appear to be identical, they are NOT created equal.

Organic and traditional cotton differ immensely. One negatively affects climate change, water consumption, and our food source while the other positively impacts our world.

But knowledge is power and now that you know the difference between traditional and organic cotton you can make a powerful choice.

Make the bold choice to commit to only purchasing organic cotton.Sol Organic CottonBy not adding to the detrimental damage that’s being done to the planet, you are making a huge difference. You have the power to improve the future and to create a lasting change that will benefit others for years to come.